naked sprout

juice bar café

organic Super Salads 

Miso Quinoa Bowl 

kale, carrots , beets,  cherry tomatoes

raw almonds,  wakami seaweed & sprouts

house made orange, ginger miso dressing


Happy Kale 

massaged kale & spring greens 

sprouted lentils & hemp hearts

bell peppers & cherry tomatoes

massaged with our sesame oil & lime dressing 

Vegan.  GF.  Raw. Organic.

Carrot Crunch

carrots & beets

raisins & raw almonds

spring greens & sprouts    

House made orange, lemon , ginger dressing

Vegan. GF. Raw. Organic.


                                 gourmet wraps / bowls & grilled panini

Tuna and Avocado

sustainable tuna & avocado

celery, onions & pickles

spring greens

house made dijon dressing

Dairy Free. GF as a bowl.


Buddha Lover 

brown rice &  mixed beans,

carrots & tomatoes, 

bell peppers and spring greens

house made sundried tomato hummus 

balsamic reduction

Vegan. GF as a bowl.

Breakfast Wrap

spanish rice & free range eggs

spring greens & hot sauce

house made sundried tomato hummus 

Dairy free. GF as a bowl.

Grilled Panini

Tuna & swiss melt.

Mediterranean mushroom & swiss melt.

Grilled cheese. 

Made on silver hills organic, sprouted grain bread.

We use naturally lactose free swiss cheese. 

GF bread and vegan cheese available.

  fresh fruit smoothies

Fresh Fruit Smoothies 

Seasonal fruit,

with your choice of organic coconut or almond milk. 

Superfoods and Vega protein available.

Vegan.  Raw.  Organic.  

fresh pressed juices

Fresh Pressed Juices

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Superfoods available

Vegan.  Raw.  Organic.

                                              RAW DESERT BAR

Solfeggio's Raw Desserts

All desserts are locally made. 

Raw. Vegan. GF.